DayOut Mobile Site

Mobile - Help

We've created a mobile version of the DayOut website so you can access all the extensive information we have collected over 10 years, right on your portable mobile phone!

With technology finally catching up to where we saw the site needing to go, we've been able to provide rich, fast access to over 3000 great locations around New Zealand.

How to navigate

There are 3 main ways to browse the mobile site.
You can click the "Near Me" link at the top of every page and if your phone supports it, we'll find all the attractions close to you.
If you want a more refined search, click the "Search" button at the top. This will allow you to search for specific attractions in specific areas, or for attractions with certain keywords (e.g. "Surfing")
Finally, you can navigate back to the home page (by click the "DayOut" text at the top of each page, and browse by attraction type.

Attraction pages

We've tried to make all the information you can access on the full site, available on the mobile site. This includes PDF walking maps and information brochures, external links, photos, comments on locations and of course our huge collection of audio guides. All are contained on a single page with a handy map so you don't have to navigate all over the place.


If you have any feedback you'd like to place, there's a feedback link on the home page. Feel free to suggest new locations, or improvements to the site you'd like to see.